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Getting to understand Amanda Ryder


It is time to get to understand Amanda Ryder, a 55-year-old wifey and mother from San Francisco. Afterward this week, Amanda goes to gargle and pummel a 24-year-old’s rod. Nowadays, we’ve an interview adopted through a super-steamy solo episode through which Amanda displays off her ginormous breasts and beautiful coochie and crams her bung with a arse butt-plug.

Amanda is a highly fascinating girl. A highly sexual girl. For instance, young lady observes sports activities however best so young lady bum witness the athletes of their taut uniforms. Her beloved TV display is Gilligan’s Island as a result of “I might do Ginger and Mary Ann in combination or one by one.” Her beloved Hollywood starlet is Denzel Washington as a result of “he’s one drilling cool dude!”

Ms likes climbing and stitching. However…

“I additionally love my insane pastimes, which might be suck jobs and getting my coochie opened up. When I am not running, I am practising and experimenting on bettering my deepthroating abilities, placing and attempting to be the thickest meatpipe taunt ever.”

Mainly, maximum of Amanda’s existence revolves round romp.

“I at all times sundress cool both at house or after I depart the building,” young lady mentioned. “I put on tempting garments and feature fat titties that I enjoy to taunt with.”

In lately’s vid, Amanda is dressed in a taut sundress that displays off her ginormous breasts, stocking and a garter belt. Beneath, a harness. The girl targets to satisfy. Her purpose is dead-on.

Date: September 19, 2019

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