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Stroll All Over You


“I love my fellows at the flooring in order that I behind tower over them and glide and paw my brilliant soles far and wide them. Albeit I do suggest them my services and products as a massagist and so they love the ministrations of my dexterous ft, it’s indeed all concerning the delectation of getting them groaning and breathing underneath me. My dearest a part of fumbling my paramours? Ambling far and wide them with my stockinged peds, in fact. The perceiving that I am getting once I use them as my flooring whilst I polish them into the bottom is the hottest stimulant for me. I sense like I’m thicker than existence and that they’re lowly and minor. I by no means harm them, however I believe that being ambled far and wide is only a tad bit abjecting and that’s what makes it so superb for me. It’s not that i am reluctant to handling my fellows only a lil’ bit like filth.”

Date: October 2, 2023

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