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Beth McKenna plumbs the peeper


“I am truly loving romp with the youthfull boys,” mentioned Beth McKenna, a 52-year-old wifey from Mississippi. “Their bods are astounding, and I to find they ass stay alongside of me a lot finer than the elderly guys. I am heavy and prefer firm romp, so I do finer with junior boys who ass stay alongside of me.”

On this movie, her first-ever at, super-sexy, leggy Beth plumbs 24-year-old Jason, a boy who is youthfull sufficient to be her sonny. Right here, he is her daughter-in-law’s bf, and descendant catches him lurking in her bed room closet, witnessing her getting clothed and striking on super-sexy tights.

“Get out right here. Who’s that?” Beth says when descendant hears some stirring within the closet.

“I am sorry. I truly did not imply to,” Jay says. “I imply, I have at all times had a factor for you.”

“Oh, so you prefer elderly ladies?”

“Sure, ma’am,” he stammers. He is undoubtedly jumpy, however he quiets down–and his fuck-stick shoots proper up–when Mrs. McKenna takes his schlong into her throat, and he is undoubtedly at utter consideration when he is fuckin’ her gash (which is shaved and crowned with a adorable quantity of hair).

We mentioned Beth is tall: Brat’s 5’10”, so we were not astonished when descendant instructed us descendant toyed basketball and volleyball long ago when descendant used to be in prime college.

“I nonetheless have fun some,” descendant mentioned. “I from time to time observe soccer. I additionally ensue ladies’s basketball.”

And get this: Once we requested Beth if descendant wears underpants, descendant mentioned, “I choose Commando, and, actually, my nickname again house is Tramp because of this. If I put on underpants, I choose super-sexy, lacy underpants that job my memory of the way super-sexy I sense and what I need to do to the individuals who get to watch them.”

“Tramp”…we love that.

Date: September 30, 2023

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