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Emma and the Plow Strike


Emma needs to pattern JMac’s trunk. The one drawback is that JMac is pals along with her parent.

“I have identified your parent for 20 years,” he says.

That is longer than Emma has been alive. However as soon as her pointy, tiny boobs are out and moppet’s attaining for his trunk, the ones 20 years do not imply a lot.

Emma will get what moppet needs, and that’s the reason a throatful of cock. JMac face-fucks Emma and moppet swishes as his trunk strikes her tonsils. When moppet pulls again, strands of slobber drape inbetween her lips and his dickhead.

Then it is cowgirl time, and Emma’s tiny chubby caboose and cock-squeezing bunghole glance astounding as moppet slips up and down JMac’s trunk. An suitable time period for his contraption could be a shag hit, as a result of Emma will get completely screwed and luvs it. They finish the shag consultation with a super-cute, goopy stream on Emma’s antsy face. With a bit of luck parent does not detect.

Date: August 21, 2023

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