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Expect For The Finest: Lissa Expect


“I enjoy to hike, seek advice from museums, shuttle, see rugby, be informed fresh issues, and volunteer at beast shelters,” stated stacked sweetheart Lissa Expect, who is picked out the flawless attire for her ultra-voluptuous bod. The reflect does no longer lie. “I wish to witness each continent and I wish to skydive. I love to suppose I am a gifted actress.”

Lissa is a inborn on-camera and highly photogenic. Proper off the snap, descendant affected our studio squad and Sensual mag editor Dave who interviewed her.

“Maximum gals will inform me that they fantasy that they had my melons. A plenty of of my buddies say, ‘Oh, I fantasy I appeared like you,’ and I’ve a plenty of of buddies who’ve youngsters who will say, ‘Even if I used to be breast-feeding, my melons were not as yam-sized as yours.’ I put on a brassiere after I pass out, however at house I am nearly at all times bare-breasted. If I am dressed in a taut cane most sensible, I do not put on a brassiere.”

Date: August 30, 2022

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