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Huge Milk cans Underwater


The 2nd compete in On Location North Coast is directed on the exciting 3 of Daria and the Starlet sisters Helen and Erin at poolside. Daria and Erin are fumbling tan lotion on Helen’s melons to offer protection to her tender, mushy flesh when SCORE mag editor Dave’s video-call enters from the administrative center in Miami.

Chicks, the following compete is to dive into the pool and acquire the rings threw into it. The winner would be the doll who collects probably the most rings. Great success.”

The rings are threw into the pool. Erin, Helen and Daria dive in and the underwater digicam goes after them as they swim, their gigantic knockers floating and bobbing. The women take off their extraordinary rope swimsuits and create a novel means of amassing the rings. However very first, they dance in an underwater ballet of melons.

Date: May 8, 2023

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