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Paging Leave out Valentine


Jenna Valentine channels Bettie Web page, the famous pin-up starlet of the 1950s, and brings her personal individual fashion to the retro-vintage and Emo sight youngster luvs.

And rancid-camera?

“I am downright nude. I enjoy to be nude. I will be able to lay nude in couch, munch nude in couch and do a plenty of of alternative stuff whilst I’m nude in couch.”

However all the way through different occasions?

“If I’m going out to a membership or a display, I put on super-tight corsets. I enjoy corsets. So, corsets, brief skirts. I all the time display bosom. Like, clearly, now not if I’m going to the grocer.

“Boys beat on me always, however genuinely, I draw in a pile of gals. I imply, I have been out and had a woman come as much as me and grip my baps and used to be like, ‘Sorry, I had to do this,’ and stroll away, and I used to be identical to, ‘Whoa!'”

Date: October 18, 2022

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