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Shaken, No longer Stirred


If the arena had extra bartenders with cupcakes the dimensions of Leanne Crow’s, there could be extra alcoholics however they might be blessed alcoholics.

Leanne is set to make a Margarita within the kitchen. Allow us to ensue her cocktail blending gradually.

Leanne crams a tumbler with ice. Now for the booze. Leanne pours by way of eye no longer by way of shot glass. That is fairly a dosage of tequila. Now squirt cuts a lime and wrings the splooge into the glass. Squirt’s about to pour that into the blender. It does not paintings.

“I am gonna need to blend this myself, moppet,” says Leanne. Squirt pours the contents right into a shaker set, closes the highest and catapults it inbetween her cupcakes. Then squirt jiggles it up. That is finer than a blender. Her nips should be rock-hard from the chilly. Your swallow is complied.

Now it is time for Leanne to shed her tube best and sundress and rinse her massive cupcakes off underneath a tap, then jiggle, shake and juggle them.

Date: November 15, 2021

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