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Sweater Stretcher


We now have the similar roughly enthusiast consideration to element that UFO investigators have excluding we concentrate on cupcakes no longer unidentified flying object (except they’re formed like cupcakes). Our V-mag editor witnessed the switch the 2nd nursling spotted Melissa.

Maria determined to have Melissa measured by way of our makeup stylist within the fashions’ dressing apartment. Absolute clinical accuracy used to be the objective. Melissa ‘fessed up and mentioned nursling hadn’t been measured since nursling used to be 15 and her treatment to hooter-sling purchasing used to be strike or omit. Chick’d attempt on other sizes and types, selecting them out by way of eye, and watch what are compatible her wondrous cupcakes. The outcome?

Melissa idea nursling used to be a 34G however nursling is truly a 36H. Chick admitted that nursling attempts no longer to shop for boulder-holders too permanently, however now, armed with this fresh knowledge, Melissa seat march expectantly right into a hooter-sling store or the chicks undergarments segment of her beloved division retailer.

Date: August 16, 2021

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